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SERIES 1200 - Panels accomodate 24 T-Jax® jacks in standard 1.75 inch x 19 inch racks. SERIES 1400 Mounts 26 T-Jax®. Openings are on continuous .625 inch centers. SERIES 1400300 - Same as Series 1400, except designation strip is Kwik-Change® type which is easier to install and remove and provides larger vertical designation marking area.

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Product Description  
1200X tar pit
Panels accomodate 24 T-Jax® jacks; jack openings are on alternate .625 inch and .750 inch spacing; twin plugs cannot be cross-connected between adjacent jack pairs. Includes designation strips.
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1400301 tar pit
Same as Series 1400, except single height Kwik-Change® designation strip; Strip holder is recessed into top of panel for additional panel strength.
1400315 tar pit
Same as 1400, except single height Kwik- Change® designation strip along bottom of panel and double height strips above jacks. CAUTION: Because of overhang, 1400315 cannot be mounted one above another
1400X tar pit
Mounts 26 T-Jax®. Openings on continuous .625 inch centers. Twin plug can be used on any two adjacent jacks. Single designation strip. WEco equivalent is 230B.

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