Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions


Wall mountable blocks allow for 24 channels of audio or 144 conductors of cable runs to be joined to a central joined location. The blocks are extremely lightweight but at the same time very durable and easy to work with. • Available in 11" high or high density 7". • Each block is fitted with two grounding banana/screw ports that make linking multiple blocks together simple. Each grounding port is floated from the case. • Because of our unique IDC/PPT design each contact accepts up to three wires which can be of mixed gauges of 22, 24, and 26AWG. Solid or stranded accepted. • Ultra lightweight and durable each front is labeled for 1 - 24 channels. • Available pre-wired or non-pre-wired. Pre-wired versions are a gas tight wire wrap on each contact. Unwired is punch down. •Termination accessory kit included.

Panel thickness: .093"
Mounting hole diameter:  .150
Vertical IDC Rows (2 x 24 of T, R, S)
Dimensions: MTP24K7 (5.75"W x 7.125"H x 1.50"D)
MTP24K11 (5.75"W x 11.00"H x 1.50"D)
Writing spaces locations at the bottom (11" version only)
Wire sizes accepted: #22, 24, 26 AWG
Stranded or Solid (IDC termination)
Pre-wired version wire wrapped with SD 24AWG (Red, Black, White)

IDC Housings: Thermoplastic (UL 94V-0)
Contacts:  High strength copper alloy
Punch Block Material: Black anodized aluminum

Ordering Information

Part Number Height Wiring Layout
MTP24K7 7" Unwired with IDC/PPT in rear
MTP24K7A 7"  Tip to Tip / Ring to Ring / Sleeves Bussed
MTP24K7B 7"  Tip to Tip / Ring to Ring / Sleeve to Sleeve
MTP24K11 11"  Unwired with IDC/PPT in rear
MTP24K11A 11"  Tip to Tip / Ring to Ring / Sleeves Bussed
MTP24K11B 11"  Tip to Tip / Ring to Ring / Sleeve to Sleeve
PT1LA  IDC/PPT Termination Punch Tool w/Light
PT2B  Replacement Punch Tip for PT1LA