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425Z tar pit

Littel Plug, Non-MIL, RoHS


Tip Rod, Ring, Sleeve and Body: Copper alloy, natural finish.
Terminals and Terminal Screws: Copper alloy, natural finish.
Insulation: Thermoplastic.
Handle: Molded plastic.

Removing handle from plug body can be easily accomplished by lightly squeezing the knurled areaof the handle and twisting 30° counter-clockwise.

Part Number Conductors Terminals Typical Mating Jack1 Handle Handle Part Number MIL-Type Number
TT251 2 Screw2 TT31 Black T2302 --
TT252 2 TT31 Red T2315 --
TT253 3 TT32B Black T2307 M642/13-1
TT253N 3 TT32B Black T2324 --
TT254 3 TT32B Red T2301 M642/13-2
TT254N 3 TT32B Red T2325 --
2P2003 3 TT32B Less Handle -- --
1 Switchcraft Part Numbers. Additional mating jacks are listed in this section.
2 Switchcraft Replacement screw P2440; terminal P2642. One of each required with 3-conductor plug.


2- and 3-conductor bantam plugs designed for use with bantam jacks with a .176 inch inside diameter bushing. Approximately 1/2 the size of standard longframe plugs, yet retains the uniformity, dependability and quality of MIL-type phone plugs.

Series TT250 bantam plug is available with red or black handles. Also available with nickel-plated plug fingers. (Add "N" to part number: TT253N,TT254N)

Plugs feature a one-piece tip rod, ring and a one-piece sleeve with integral plug body, assembled together into a mold as inserts. Providing complete continuity of thermoplastic insulation between tip rod, ring and sleeve. Internal interlock of all parts prevents shifting and shorting under extreme rugged usage.

Internal 12-24 threads in end of plug body are intended for threading over outer jacket of a patch cord to provide a superior cable anchor.

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