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DS323X tar pit

Vertical Designation Strips Kit (.75 x 5.25 inches) includes: 2-mounting brackets, 2-marking strips 2-covers, 12-mounting screws, nuts and lockwashers

Mates with: 6-Wire TT-Connectorized and 1600, A1600, 1700, B1700, TT51 thu TT54, TT59 thru TT62


Two types of single height designation strips are available:

1. SERIES 1600, A1600, B1600, C1600, 1700, B1700,
1400300, 2600300, JP012000 through JP122000

* Extruded aluminum mounting strip
* Four mounting screws
* Marking strips
* Clear plastic strip covers

Mounting strips are fastened with four mounting screws provided. Marking strip slides into the clear plastic cover, and cover is snapped into place on the mounting strip. Legends can be marked in pencil, ink, lettering transfers, typewriter, etc.

SPECIFICATIONS - Single Height Designation Strips

(Used on panels 1600, A1600, B1600, C1600, 1700, B1700) Mounting Strip: Extruded aluminum black anodized

Cover: Clear extruded plastic.

Marking Strip: White matte finish plastic.

Screws: Copper alloy, plated.

(Used on panels 1400300, 1600300)
Mounting Strip: Aluminum alloy, extruded, black anodized.

Cover: Clear extruded plastic.

Marking Strip: White matte finish plastic.

Screws: Steel, plated.

SERIES TT51 through TT62, TT-Connectorized (2-, 4- and 6-Wire), JP012000 through JP122000, TTPC and DSX panels. Mounting strips are extruded as part of the panel. Otherwise, use is the same as above.

Double Height Designation Strips

Double height strips allow larger legends. Can be factory installed on Series 1600 panels, or may be ordered separately for customer installation.

SPECIFICATIONS - Double Height Designation Strips

Mounting Strip: Black thermoplastic UL 94V-0.

Cover: Clear plastic.

Marking Strip: Matte finish white plastic.

Mounting Screws: Copper alloy, plated.

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