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Switchcraft and Conxall offer a larger variety of sealed, watertight and waterproof connectors to meet your harsh environment connector applications. Our circular plastic connectors (CPC) are made in the USA to the highest quality standards.

Dura Line Con-X Line Shielded Con-X LineEN2/EN3 LineMil-E-Qual LineSealed XLRs
Seal (Mated) IP68 IP67/ IP69K 
(IP68 Insta-Click®)
IP68 NEMA 250(6P)IP68/ IP69K
NEMA 250(6P)
Seal Type Internal O-Ring Separate O-Ring Separate O-RingIntegrated O-RingSeparate O-RingConnector Interface,
O-Ring Not Needed
Shell Sizes 1 Size Available: 0.47" [11.9mm] 5 Sizes Available from 0.5" [13mm] to 1.3" [33mm] 2 Sizes Available: 0.7" [18mm] and 0.875" [22mm]2 Sizes Available: 0.5" [13mm] and 0.7" [18mm]9 Sizes Available: from 0.825" [21mm] to 2.1" [53mm]2 Sizes Available: 0.5" [12.7mm] and 0.8" [20mm]
Pin Counts 2 thru 9 2 thru 31 2 thru 182 thru 182 thru 373 thru 8
Elec. Rating Up to 10A, 125V AC/DC Up to 23A, 600V AC/DC Up to 13A, 600V AC/DCUp to 13A, 250V AC/DCUp to 23A, 600V AC/DCUp to 15A, 500V AC/DC
Life 5,000 insert/
withdraw cycles
300 insert/withdraw cycles min 400 insert/withdraw cycles min600 insert/withdraw cycles min300 insert/withdraw cycles min5,000 insert/
withdraw cycles
min (Mini-XLR)
Locking Style Push-Pull or
Threaded Coupling
Bayonet Quick-Couple
(Insta-Click® Positive Lock)
Threaded CouplingBayonet Quick-CoupleThreaded CouplingPush-Button Latch Release
UV Resistance Standard Feature Optional Feature
(Standard Insta-Click®)
Optional FeatureStandard FeatureStandard FeatureNot Available
Availability Field Install or Factory Molded Cables Field Install, Factory Molded Cable, or Off-the-Shelf Cable Field Install or Factory Molded CableField Install, Factory Molded Cable, or Off-the-Shelf CableField Install (Excluding In-Line) or Factory Molded CableField Install or Factory Molded Cable

Circular Metal Connectors
Sealed Data
Con-X Line
EN2 / EN3 Line
Shielded Con-X Line
Sealed XLR Connectors
Crimping Tools
Insertion/Extraction Tools
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