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Series JP® Modular Jack Panels feature a modular packaging concept. Jacks are mounted on inserts then complete modular insert assemblies are mounted to the panel from the rear. Mounting and wiring are quick and easy. Individual jacks or complete inserts can be removed from the panel with minimum disturbance to wiring and adjacent jacks. JP panels offer three mounting styles (standard rack mount, flush mount, and extension mount), staggered or continuous-center panel openings, two panel lengths (19- and 23- inch), WEco equivalents, Kwik-Change® designation strips, precision manufactured modular parts, rugged black anodized aluminum frames and quick and easy module or jack removal/installation.

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Product Description  
Mounts 48 MT-Jax®. Openings are on alternate .625 inch and .75 inch centers in each row. Includes 12 black module inserts, insert mounting screws and two Kwik-Change® designation strips.
Black module insert without holes. Includes two, #4-40 machine screws for mounting. Used where no jacks are needed.
Black module insert with two jack openings (less jacks). Includes two, #4-40 machine screws for mounting.
Black module insert with four jack openings(less jacks). Includes two, #4-40 machine screws for mounting.

Specification Sheet

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