Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions

950, 960 Series, Rear Mount, .250 Mounting Hole

Momentary Tiny-Switch® switches are miniaturized versions of Littel-Switch® switches. 0.25 A contacts are intended for low-power switching where contact resistance is not critical. Red or black pushbuttons, solder lug terminals and choice of 1-A and 1-C switching is standard.


Switches mount from rear in .250 inch (6.35 mm) diameter hole in panels up to .094 inch (2.39 mm) thick. Mounting washers and locknuts are supplied.


Bushing: Copper alloy, plated.

Pushbutton: Molded plastic, integral with shaft.

Insulation: Rigid plastic.

Springs: Copper alloy.

Contacts: Integral contacts are standard. .25 A, 30 W maximum, AC, non-inductive load.

Washer: Steel, plated, S17901.

Locknut: Copper alloy, plated, P11501.