Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions

1/4" Vintage Plug

2-conductor phone plug with full shielding and resistance to extremely rough usage for electrified audio instruments such as amplifiers, synthesizers power heads and speaker systems requiring high-quality audio plugs. Plug body internally threaded for screw-on strain relief for cables from .29 inches to .30 inches diameter, and an additional clamp for additional relief (and for smaller cables). A heavy copper alloy-plated steel spring at point of entry to plug keeps cable from folding and pinching. Flex relief spring recommended for cables with diameters of .265 inches maximum only.


Tip Rod & Body: Copper alloy.

Handle: Copper alloy.

Flex Relief Spring: Plated spring steel.
(Part No. P2848).

Strain Relief Clamp: Plated steel.
(Part No. P2380).

Insulation: Thermoplastic, glass reinforced.