Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions

Mixed Signal/ Power Multi-Con-X® Connectors

The Mixed Signal/Power Series feature the same specifications at rest of the Multi-Con-X® series, but in a special configuration featuring two #12 contacts suitable for 23A of power along with six #26 contacts for signal.

Typical Specifications

  • Rating: 1.95 thru 23.0A, 300V
  • Conductor Size: 
    • #12 Contacts, 12 thru 14 AWG
    • #16 Contacts, 16 thru 18 AWG
    • #26 Contacts, 26 thru 28 AWG
    • Not for current interruption

Mechanical Specifications
  • Durability: Minimum 300 mate/unmate cycles without mechanical or electrical failure
  • Vibration: Coupling rings have overriding locking feature to prevent loosening or separation of connector
  • Hex Nut Torque: All series hex nut to withstand 10-12 inch/lb tightening torque
Environmental Specifications
  • Storage Temperature Rating: -40ºC to +115ºC (-40ºF to +239ºF)
  • Corrosion: 300 Hr salt spray contacts
  • Weathertight: Consult factory with specific application

Molded Cable Assemblies 
  • Watertight:  NEMA 6P, 13: IEC IP67