Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions

HS Series Dura-Pull Push-Pull Connectors

Extremely durable, sealed push-pull connectors, made by Switchcraft in the USA. Dura-Pull Connectors are made from nickel plated brass with a medical technology grade plastic insulator and gold plated contacts. They are sealed to IP68 and rated for at least 5,000 insertion/ withdrawal cycles. Althought they are less than 1/2" in diameter, they can be ordered with up to 9 contacts. (2 thru 5 #20 contacts or 6 thru 9 #26 contacts) Their unique contacts can be either soldered or crimped for maximum flexibility and easy installation. Factory assembled cables are also available.

Mating / Locking Type: Push-Pull automatic locking/unlocking
Life:       5,000 cycles minimum
Operating Forces:       10 lb. [44.5 N] max. Insertion/Withdrawal
Vibration:       Mil-Std 202G Method 201A
Panel Hex Nut Tongue: 40 in-lb [4.5 Nm] maximum
Cable Securing System: Threaded on metal clamp

Voltage Rating: 125 V AC/DC for 2-5 contacts
      30 V AC/DC for 6-9 contacts
Current Rating: 10A max for 2 position
2A max for 9 position
      Refer to website for detailed information
Insulation Resistance: 1000 MΩ minimum
Contact Resistance: 10 mΩ typical

Temperature Limits:       -40ºC to +135ºC (-40ºF to +275°F)
Operating Temperature: Refer to website for detailed information
Moisture Resistance: Mil-Std 202G Method 106G
Insulation Resistance: Mil-Std 202G Method 302
Thermal Shock: Mil-Std 202G Method 107G
Salt Atmosphere: Mil-Std 202G Method 101E
Ingress Protection: IP66, IP67, IP68 per IEC60529, NEMA 250 6P

Outer Shell: Copper Alloy, electroless nickel plated
Hex Nut: Copper Alloy, nickel plated
Interior Metal Components: Copper Alloy, nickel plated
Ground Spring Washer: Stainless Steel
Electrical Insulator: Medical Technology LCP, natural
Seal O-rings: Silicone, red
Contacts: Copper Alloy, gold plated