Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions

Male In-Line/ Cable-to-Cable Sealed Mini XLR Connectors

These circular connectors are waterproof to IP66 when mated and can withstand at least 5,000 insertions/withdrawals. They mate with female cable ends and can be used to extend the length of a cable. They are also fully compatible with unsealed Tini-QG connectors, including TY series female panel mount connectors.

• Sealed to IP66 when mated.
• Sealed to IP65 unmated (panel only)
• Intuitive pushbutton latching mechanism
• Available in 3 thru 8 contacts as cable end, cable-to-cable, and panel mount
• Front mount panel sits flush, protecting the connector from physical impact.
• Rated to withstand a minimum of 5,000 insert/ withdrawal cycles in 3-5 pin versions (2,000 cycles 6-8 pins)
• Can be mated with unsealed Mini XLR (IP rating does not apply)

1. Product is Rated IP-66 Mated (Panel is IP-65 Unmated)

2. Product is RoHS Compliant

Housing - Copper Alloy, Nickel Plated
Pin Contacts - Copper Alloy, Silver Plated
Pin Insulator - Rigid Thermoplastic, Dark Brown
Cable Clamp - Steel, Tin Plated
Button Seal Boot - Thermoplastic Rubber, Black
Insert Molded Handle - Thermoplastic Rubber Over Rigid Thermoplastic, Black

4. Contact Resistance: 0.010 Ohms Maximum

5. Current Rating: 3-4 Contacts: 5A, 125V AC 5 Contacts: 4A, 125V AC 6-8 Contacts: 1.5A, 125V AC (30ºC Temp Rise Maximum, Current Carry Only)

11 - 0.100" - 0.120"
15 - 0.140" - 0.160"
20 - 0.190" - 0.210"
25 - 0.230" - 0.260"

• Audio such as wireless bodypacks or video
camera audio connections
• Medical Instrumentation and compact data
• Harsh environment connector requirements