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933D tar pit

Rear Panel Mount 0.250 Mounting Hole, Black Pushbutton

  this item is a special order

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Body: Copper alloy, plated.

Pushbutton: Molded red or black plastic, integral with shaft.

Insulation: Rigid plastic.

Springs: Integral contacts, plated.

Ratings: 250 mA, 30 W maximum, AC, non-inductive load.

Solder Terminals: Copper alloy, silver-plated.

Locknuts: Copper alloy, plated.

Series 903, 913: P-1053-1.

Series 923, 933: P-1150-1.

Lockwasher: Series 903, 913: Steel, P-1060-3

Flat Washer: Series 923, 933: Steel, plated,


* Other pushbutton colors.

* Legends.


Panel Mounting Pushbutton Color/ Part Number Circuit
Red Black
Front 903 913 1-C
*903D *913D 1-D
Rear 923 933 1-C
*923D 933D 1-D
* Special order only; contact Switchcraft for price and delivery.
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