Industrial Products   Pro Audio Products
3.5mm Inline Jacks  
Color Coded Con-X Product Line  
Data-Con-X® HDMI Weathertight Connectors  
Data-Con-X® RJ45 Weathertight Connectors  
Data-Con-X® Sealed D-Sub  
Data-Con-X® Sealed Micro-USB Connectors  
Data-Con-X® Sealed Mini USB Cables  
Data-Con-X® Sealed USB Type A & B Connectors  
Data-Con-X®: Sealed Mini-USB  
DE Series Panel Mount XLR Connectors with Metal Shell  
EH TQG Panel Mount Connectors  
EH TQG Panel Mount Connectors-Female  
EH TQG Panel Mount Connectors-Male  
EN2 Sealed Cord Connector  
EN2 Sealed Panel Connector  
EN3® Series Cable End 2-18 contact  
EN3® Series Right Angle PC Board Panel Connectors 2-18 Contacts  
Female Cable End Sealed Mini-XLR Connectors  
HS Series Dura-Pull Push-Pull Connectors  
Industrial Capabilities Guide  
Micro-Con-X® Connectors 0.530" OD  
Mil-E-Qual® First Mate Last Break Contact  
Mini-Con-X® Right Angle PCB Connectors  
Momentary Sealed Button Switch  
Off-the-Shelf Mini-Con-X® Molded Cables  
RJ45 Field Installable Cable Plug Assembly  
RJ45 Field Installable Panel Housing Assembly  
Sealed D-Sub Cable Mount  
Sealed D-Sub Panel Mount  
Sealed Power Jack Molded Cable  
Sealed Unmated Power Jacks  
Sealed XLR Cord Connector-Female Only  
Shielded Mini Con-X® 0.760" OD  
Shielded Mini XLR Connectors  
Shielded Mini-Con-X® Sealed Custom Overmolded Cable Assemblies  
Standard Power Jack Cable Overmold  
Ultra VideoPatch 24GHz UHD  
EH Series - Mini Displayport Connectors  
EH Series - USB Connectors  
EH Series Miscellaneous  
EN2 Series Overmolds  
EN3 Series Off-the-shelf cables  
EN3® Sealed Harsh Environment IP67/IP68 Overmolded Cable Assemblies 0.715" OD  
EN3® Series Accessories  
EN3® Series Cable-to-Cable Connectors 2-18 contact  
EN3® Series Panel Mount 2-18 contact  
EN3® Series Right Angle Panel 2-8 contact  
Female Cable End Sealed Mini-XLR Connectors  
High Amperage Non-Sealed Power Jacks & Plugs  
High Amperage Sealed Power Jacks & Plugs  
HPC Cable Mount  
Micro-Con-X® Cable Connectors  
Micro-Con-X® Cable-to-Cable Connectors  
Micro-Con-X® Panel Connectors  
Miniature DC Power Plugs  
Modular Panel Connectors  
Overmolded Power Plugs  
Pendant Switches (Cord/ Nurse Call)  
Power Mini-Mizer® Harsh Environment IP68 Rated Cable Assembly  
Rack Mount Fiber Optic & Data Panels  
RCA Right Angle Plugs  
Right Angle DC Locking Power Jacks  
Sealed Power Jacks  
Sealed Power Jacks & Plugs  
Sealed Power Plugs  
Sealed Tini-QG® Mini-XLR  
Sealed Tini-QG® Mini-XLR  
Sealed XLR Cord Connector-Female Only  
Sealed XLR Cord Connector-Male Only  
Sealed XLR Panel Mount Connector-Male Only  
Shielded Mini-Con-X® Cable Connector  
Shielded Mini-Con-X® Panel Connector  
Shielded Multi-Con-X® Cable End Connector  
Shielded Multi-Con-X® Panel Connector  
DE Series Panel Mount XLR Connectors with Metal Shell  
Inline Audio Adapters  
Mixed Signal/Power Mini-Con-X® (Cable, Panel, In-line)  
Modular DB25 Breakout Cable Ends  
RMAS1 Series Single Channel Mic Splitter  
SC700CT A/V Passive DI Box  
SC800CT Instrument DI Box  
SC900CT Instrument DI Box w/ Phantom Lift  
1/4" Long Frame Audio Patchcords  
600 Series Dual Adapter Box  
8 Channel Audio Snakes  
DB25 Breakout Cable  
DIN 1.0/2.3 Connectors  
Dual TT / Bantam Patchcords  
EH Series Audio / Video / Data  
EZ Norm TT / Bantam and STUDIOPATCH®  
I/O Rack Panels  
Micro Video Patchcords  
MMVP Micro Video Patchbays  
MMVP Series AES Digital Audio Patchbays  
QG® XLR Patchbay Series for E and EH Series Connectors  
RMAS8 Series Dual Iso Mic Splitters  
SC702CT A/V Stereo DI Box  
SC800A Active Instrument DI Box  
StudioPatch® Series Bantam / TT Audio Patchbays  
TT / Bantam Audio Patchcords  
VPP Standard Size Video Patchbays  
Wall Plates  
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